Custom Eyelash Extensions

Reliable Quality Control

Custom Process

Step 1 →
Design Draft Confirmation

About 1-3 working days

Step 2 →
Make samples and confirm

About 7-15 working days

Step 3
Produce goods

About 15-30 working days

Custom Type

Material customization

①Eyelash material customization
②Customized eyelash glue formula

Label customization

①We can provide professional label design
②We can provide professional product photography and design, allowing you to quickly upload products to the e-commerce platform
③ You can authorize the use of our patented products

Packaging customization

①We can provide professional packaging design
②Eyelash glue bottle design
③Eyelash box design

Send Custom Requirements To Us

We can generally make samples within 7-15 working days.

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