What To Do If Your Client Dislikes Their Lashes

If your client isn’t happy with their lashes, it can feel overwhelming. Whether they’re too bold, too natural, or not what they expected, it’s vital to handle it professionally. Here’s what to do if your client isn’t satisfied with their lashes.

1. Understand Their Worries

Before trying to fix anything, it’s important to know why your client isn’t happy. Be active listening to fully find the reasons behind your client’s discontent. Allow them to express their feelings without interruption, showing your sincere interest in understanding their view. Are the lashes too long, or too short, or is it the shape bothering them? Maybe they wanted thick lashes but got something more natural, or they asked for a big change and now feel overwhelmed. Once you know exactly what’s bothering them, you can work on making it right.

2. Offering A Solution

After understanding your client’s concerns, suggest specific solutions that address their preferences. For clients seeking a bolder look, suggest adding more Volume lash fans or adjusting the curl to enhance the intensity. When you understand what the client wants, suggest solutions. Customize the lash design to achieve a great outcome. If the client finds the lashes too intense, offer to remove some fans and replace them with individual lashes or smaller fans for a more natural appearance. If time permits during the appointment, make the necessary adjustments timely to ensure client satisfaction. This shows your commitment to delivering exceptional service and addressing concerns in real time.

3. Eyelash Extension Removal

If a client is adamant about removing their lash extensions, assess the reason for their dissatisfaction. Confirm whether it’s due to discomfort, style preference, or any other issue. Advise your client to seek professional assistance for eyelash extension removal to ensure safety and prevent potential damage to their natural lashes and eyes. Emphasize that DIY removal attempts can lead to adverse effects and should be avoided. If you’re conducting the removal procedure, use high-quality eyelash remover products specifically designed for safe and effective extension removal. Ensure proper application to minimize discomfort and protect the client’s eye health. Only trained professionals should handle eyelash extension removal to mitigate the risk of accidents and ensure a satisfactory outcome for the client. Prioritize their comfort and safety throughout the removal process. After the removal, provide aftercare instructions to help the client’s natural lashes recover and maintain their health. Encourage them to schedule a follow-up appointment for any necessary adjustments or additional services.

4. Suggest A Redo

If your client is open to it, proposing a redo of their lashes demonstrates your dedication to their satisfaction. Before starting the redo process, ensure the safe removal of the existing lashes using a gentle gel or cream lash remover. This ensures a fresh start and provides an opportunity to address their concerns effectively. Begin by discussing with your client the specific changes they desire in their lashes. This ensures that the redo aligns with their expectations and preferences. Firstly the safe removal of the existing lashes to prevent any damage to the natural lashes. Use a gentle lash remover to dissolve the adhesive and carefully remove the extensions. Once the old lashes are removed, proceed with applying a new set of lashes according to the client’s revised preferences. Pay attention to details such as length, thickness, and style to ensure a satisfying outcome.

5. Strengthen Communication

Take the time to educate your clients about the various lash options available, ranging from natural Classic sets to bold Mega Volume lashes. Explain the differences in styles, lengths, and thicknesses, allowing clients to make informed decisions based on their preferences. Before the application of lash extensions, conduct a thorough consultation with your client. During this session, discuss their desired look, lifestyle, and any concerns they may have. Use visual aids, such as photos or examples of different lash styles, to ensure clear understanding. Set realistic expectations by explaining what clients can expect from the lash extension process. Clarify that while extensions can enhance natural lashes, they may not achieve the same results as makeup or false lashes. Address any misconceptions to prevent disappointment. Customize the lash extension experience to meet each client’s unique preferences. Based on their consultation and desired outcome, recommend lash styles and lengths that complement their features and lifestyle. By personalizing the service, you can ensure a satisfying experience for every client.

Remember, every lash artist will face unhappy clients at some point. It’s not just about the mistake but also how you deal with it. With the right approach, you can turn a potentially bad situation into a good one, building trust and loyalty. Whether it’s adjusting the lash style, using a trusted remover, or simply listening, always meet your client’s needs. Client satisfaction is key. By listening, offering solutions, and educating both yourself and them, you can ensure that even if a client isn’t initially happy with their lashes, they’ll still feel valued when they leave your salon.

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