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Meet Your Secrect Weapon

It’s all about the volume drama- easy fanning lashes are the most high-efficiency extensions in our collection. the unique producing technique will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base.

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Procuct InformationGollee IEE-01
Individual Eyelash Extension
Gollee IEE-02
Flat Eyelash Extension
Gollee IEE-03
Pre-Made Fan
Gollee IEE-04
Easy Fanning Lashes
Gollee IEE-05
Gollee IEE-06
Color Eyelash Extensions
TypeRound Root ShapeFlat Root ShapePre-Made FanEasy Fanning & CamelliaEasy Fanning & Single LengthColored
Main FeatureHigh Temperature ResistanceLigthweight & SoftHigh EfficiencyGlue Strip Bottom For Making Easy FanGlue Strip Bottom For Making Easy FanAll Color In One Tray
Recommended Lash StyleClassica & Volume LashClassica LashVolume LashVolume & Mega Volume LashVolume & Mega Volume LashClassica & Volume Lash
Procuct Information
TypeRound Root ShapeFlat Root ShapeEffortless FanWet Lash
Main FeatureLigth weight & SoftHigh EfficiencyEasy Fanning & CamelliaHigh Temperature
Recommended Lash StyleNatural LashClassic & Volume LashClassic LashVolume Lash

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What Does Unimore Insits On?

Unimore focuses on providing high-quality eyelash extension products that prioritize safety, durability, and natural aesthetics. Their insistence lies in using premium materials and adhering to strict quality control measures to ensure the best outcomes for customers. With a commitment to innovation, Unimore continuously seeks to improve its products to meet the evolving needs of lash technicians and clients alike. Their emphasis on education and training also underscores their dedication to promoting proper application techniques and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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