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Super bonder

A good helper for adhesive

Superbonder instantly bonds adhesive fumes, which can lower stimulus at 50%. And it also adds elasticity to adhesive bonding points thus making them seamless to touch and less prone to break.

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Lash Removal Products

What Does Unimore Insits On?

Unimore prioritizes safety, effectiveness, and comfort in its lash removal products. With a focus on gentle yet efficient formulas, Unimore ensures that its lash removal products effectively dissolve adhesive bonds without causing irritation or damage to natural lashes. The brand’s commitment to quality means that its removal products are suitable for use by professionals and individuals alike, offering a reliable solution for safely removing eyelash extensions. Unimore’s lash removal products adhere to rigorous standards to provide users with a hassle-free experience and maintain the health and integrity of natural lashes.

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