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Premium Lash Foam

Unimore lash foam gentle formulation washes away everyday oil, dirt and residue safely from lash extensions. With natural botanical extracts this product is easy to use and comes with a cleansing brush included.

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Super Bond & Pre-treatment

What Does Unimore Insits On?

Unimore emphasizes the quality and effectiveness of its Eyelash Super Bond. With a focus on reliability and safety, Unimore ensures that its super bond products meet rigorous standards to provide professionals with a dependable solution for eyelash extensions. The brand’s commitment to hypoallergenic formulations and efficient drying times underscores its dedication to client satisfaction and the well-being of users. Unimore’s Super Bond range caters to diverse needs, offering options such as fast-drying adhesives and long-lasting formulas, providing versatility and convenience for lash artists. Through continuous innovation and attention to detail, Unimore strives to uphold its reputation as a trusted provider of superior eyelash extension products.

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