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Nano Cutting Gentle Eye Pad

Eye pads are used to hold down the clients natural lashes. They give the client a painless removal and are so comfortable for them during the treatment. Gollee eye pads are non slip they are thin and fit almost every eye shape! These eye pads do not cause any stinking to the eye and stay in place!

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What Does Unimore Insits On?

Unimore prioritizes precision and quality in their tweezer designs. Their focus is on crafting stainless steel tweezers that are meticulously designed for accuracy and durability. With attention to detail in the measurements and construction, Unimore tweezers offer professionals and individuals alike reliable tools for various grooming tasks, such as shaping eyebrows and removing unwanted hair. By adhering to strict quality standards, Unimore ensures that their tweezers provide effective and comfortable grooming experiences.

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