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The First Plant-Based Glue

The Bloom supports fast curing and fresh floral smell. A system of innovative new formulas, designed to work in perfect synergy to help efficient & healthy working environment.

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Procuct InformationGollee A-01
Master Glue
Gollee A-01
Fast & Long Glue
Gollee A-03
The Bloom
Gollee F-01
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Feature 10.5s Setting Time1s Setting TimeFresh Flower ScentClear Pink Glue
Feature 2Medium ThinVery ThinAdding Plant ExtractNo "White" Flime
Feature 3Long RetentionProfessional GlueGentle FormulaFast Curing
Procuct Information
Feature 1 Fast Dry GlueLong Lasting GlueExpert GlueSensitive GlueBrown Glue
Feature 2 0.5s Setting Time 1s Setting Time0.5s Setting Time2s Setting Time1s Setting Time
Feature 3 Medium ThinVery Thin Medium ThinVery ThinVery Thin
Feature 4Fast CuringLong RetentionProfessional GradeGentle FormulaStrong Power

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Eyelash Glue

What Does Unimore Insits On?

Unimore prioritizes quality, safety, and reliability in its eyelash glue products. With a commitment to excellence, Unimore ensures that its eyelash glue adheres to the highest standards of formulation, performance, and durability. The brand’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction drives continuous improvement in its eyelash glue offerings, providing professionals with trusted solutions for eyelash extensions. Unimore’s eyelash glue is designed to deliver strong adhesion, long-lasting retention, and comfortable wear for clients, reflecting the brand’s emphasis on quality and performance.

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