Eyelash Glue Series

Environmental protection, no formaldehyde, and no harm to the skin is the first principle of the glue produced by Gollee. Our professional glue has a wide selection of properties to meet the individual needs of eyelash artists.

Master Glue

0.5s super-fast, suitable for eyelash artists who love being super fast.

Floral Fragrance Glue

This is the first bottle of glue with plant-based ingredients. 

Fast & Long Glue

1s quick-drying, thin state, the least picky glue. POP STAT of Gollee glue. 

Banana Glue

1-2s quick-drying, banana flavor, suitable for customers who are sensitive to glue smell.

GOLLEE Pro Eyelash Extension

Radiant Expert+ Glue

0.5s fast setting time is most popular for lash expert.


Thin And Fast Glue

1s quick-drying, thin state, classic formula, stable

To create a masterpiece, you must put in the time.
Jovana, Gollee’s Founder, understood this — and time was her secret recipe for success. But not just time. The success of every Gollee product is also closely related to the powerful innovations of our laboratory. Only after developed and tested over a long time. To ensure these products are effective and safe before ever getting to the market. Say no to hormones, animal testing, and the like.
Your beauty should never come at the expense of your health. So, with a relentless and pure attitude to work, we keep putting in the needed energy while maximizing costs to keep improving our product quality and giving you only the safest and the best.
Gollee’s Founder


Gollee’s glue is a formaldehyde-free, environmentally-friendly glue that is harmless to human skin.


48h Logistics delivery


7*24 Efficient service


365 days Operating with Integrity


100% Attention to Understand Customer Needs

GOLLEE' s Goal
Create Satisfaction and More Happiness For Lash Artists

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