Hottest Spring/Summer Lash Trends of 2024

As the seasons transition from the warm of winter to the active of spring and summer, the beauty industry experiences its own evolution. At Unimore Lash, we’re excited to say the top trends set to come to the lash scene in the upcoming spring/summer season of 2024. From the understated elegance of brown lashes to the bold statement of colored lash extensions, we’ve launched a wonderful preview of what’s popular to take the lash world by storm.

Brown Lashes

Say goodbye to the stage of exclusively black lashes, as 2024 the rise of brown lashes. This season is all about feeling a softer, more natural beauty, with brown lashes stealing the spotlight. Particularly favored in natural C and CC curls, brown eyelash extensions offer a delicate and charming instead of their black counterparts. Perfect for clients seeking to soften their features or enhance lighter hair colors, our extensive range of brown lashes ensures that you can cater to this growing demand with wonderful quality and durability.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes, true to their name, have passed the test of time with always the same grace and elegance. Renowned for their seamless integration with natural lashes, they represent professional and trustful. The one-to-one application ratio ensures a customize look, ranging from natural to excellent semi-dramatic, according to individual preferences.

More than just a passing trend, classic lash extensions represent the foundational technique mastered by lash technicians worldwide. As we embrace the warmer months of 2024, a shift towards more natural expection is anticipated, further fueling the demand for classic lashes. Clients seek the enduring allure and timeless charm that only classic lashes can deliver, making them an indispensable choice for those craving understated yet captivating beauty.

Wet Lashes

Embrace the magic of wet lashes, a trend we’ve been championing since 2020 for their undeniable beauty! Wet Lashes are making waves again this season, capturing the essence of fresh, hydrated lashes that feel like stepping out of the ocean or a refreshing shower. Designed for summer pool parties or tropical vacations, this edgy, glossy finish adds a touch of glamor to any look.

Achieving wet lashes requires either a closed fanning or strategically layered peaking technique. For a sleek, saturated look that lasts, choose Chelsea lashes for a coveted glossy look. This trend shows no signs of abating, and it’s easy to see why—it’s all about feeling fresh, adventurous, and bold.

Angel Lashes

Angel lashes embody a sophisticated, heavenly beauty, evoking an ethereal allure that is both captivating and divine. This style is characterized by a light, feathery texture that gives the eyes a subtle yet powerful flutter, akin to the gentle caress of an angel’s wings. Achieving the angelic lash look requires careful use of small, closed lash fans that blend seamlessly with slim lash extensions, reminiscent of a wet lash kit, but with a softer, more understated appeal.

Customization is key to perfecting an angel lash style, ensuring it fits each client’s unique eye shape and preferences. Similar to wet lashes, our Angel Lash Charts serve as a guiding blueprint, allowing for personalized adjustments to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

To recreate this sky-high look, we recommend using eyelash extensions in lengths from 7mm to 11mm, accentuated with eye-catching spikes to add dimension and appeal. Explore our angel lash tutorials and get exclusive insights, including a free angel lash map and expert tips to elevate your lash art to heavenly heights.

Colored Lashes

Enter the world of vibrant expression with colorful eyelash extensions, where creativity knows no bounds. Break free from the constraints of your natural palette and explore a range of captivating shades that spark the imagination. As spring and summer usher in the season of festivals and celebrations, colored lashes offer the perfect opportunity to add personality to any look.

From subtle accents to bold statements, colored eyelash extensions are a canvas for self-expression. Whether decorating the topline with a hint of color or creating a bold base lash layer with a full spectrum, clients can create their own unique style with confidence. For the adventurous spirit, a block color set is a striking choice, while carefully placed colored lashes among classic false lashes add a touch of playfulness to elegance.

This trend isn’t just about making a statement; It’s about embracing individuality and reveling in the joy of self-expression. With the visual allure of colorful lash content, your clients’ Instagram grid is sure to sparkle.

Lash Lifts

Let’s enter the world of eyelash lifts – a basic treatment that deserves as much recognition as eyelash extensions. A lash lift is all about enhancing a client’s existing lashes, taking their natural lashes to new heights of beauty. This technique is similar to an eyelash perm and creates a mesmerizing curl and lift, making the eyes more open and wide, with results that last an impressive 6-8 weeks.

A lash lift adds length and volume by reshaping natural eyelashes from the root without the need for extensions. For clients who desire a low-maintenance procedure but still want perfectly curled lashes every morning, eyelash lifts offer the ultimate solution.

This treatment is particularly beneficial for people with straight or downward eyelashes, as it provides a subtle but effective lift. result? Stunningly curled lashes that accentuate eyes without the need for daily curling or mascara.

Staying true to the popular natural-looking “clean girl aesthetic,” we expect eyelash lifts to become a highly sought-after treatment this spring and summer, catering to clients seeking effortless beauty and glamor.

As we head into the vibrant spring/summer 2024 season, it’s time to explore the eyelash trends set to take the beauty world by storm. By embracing these trends, you not only update your services; You can also take your artistry to the next level and create unique lash designs that bring variety, elegance and transformation to every client who comes to your salon.

These upcoming trends herald a fusion of creativity and sophistication, giving you a canvas to showcase your expertise and customize a lash look that resonates with your personal style and preferences. From natural enhancements to bold expressions, these trends reflect the essence of the season, adding joy and shine to every lash.

We eagerly look forward to seeing these trends come to life and the artistic talent you unleash by breathing life into them. Let’s embark on this journey together to elevate the lash experience and capture hearts every time.

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